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Dental Bonding

Dentist and assistant performing a dental bonding procedure on a female patientDental bonding is a Cosmetic procedure that conceals the cracks, chips, and stains that are on teeth. It is a procedure that restores the aesthetic structure and function of a tooth. If you have a bonding procedure, it can last for up to 10 years, especially with careful oral maintenance. If you have oral habits that will break the bonding material such as chewing on ice, the bonding material will last for a shorter period. If you have a habit of consuming darker foods, you are likely to stain the bonding material sooner than those who do not consume these darker foods.

What Happens During Dental Bonding?

The dentist will apply the composite resin material to the teeth that need bonding. The composite resin bonds and looks like your natural tooth. The dentist will harden the bonding material using a dental curing light. After making sure that the bonding material is tucked into the tooth, the dentist will smoothen and polish it, making it look like you have a natural tooth. If you clean your teeth normally by brushing and flossing regularly, the bonding material will last for several years. Dental bonding is not painful, and there are no complications after the bonding procedure. At Lone Pine Dental we offer bonding procedures to our patients so they can smile with confidence once again.

How to Maintain Results After Bonding

After your bonding procedure, there are several tips that can help you maintain the shape and appearance of your tooth. It is important to remember that the bonding material used on your teeth can get stained or damaged just like your natural teeth. You, therefore, have a central role to play in ensuring that the bonding treatment remains in pristine condition.

Avoiding hard foods will be a great place to start. Hard foods like nuts and chewing on ice can crack or break the bonding material. It is therefore advisable to eat healthy and soft foods that will not compromise the integrity of the bonding material. You can also avoid acidic and sugary foods that can contribute to the erosion of the bonding.

Keeping good oral hygiene is crucial for the proper maintenance of your bonding treatment. The bonding material can get stained or discolored just like your natural teeth. To avoid this you should ensure that you brush twice daily, floss every day, and especially after meals. In this way, you can maintain the perfect color of the bonding agent to enjoy a bright smile.

Come to Us for Your Dental Bonding

Getting treated by qualified and skilled dentists is important for effective treatment. At our clinic, you will find a motivated and passionate group of dental experts who can assist you in maintaining your dental health.

Visit us at Lone Pine Dental if you need bonding for your damaged teeth. If you would like any clarifications regarding the procedure, you can reach us at (541) 668-8036.
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Dental Bonding | Lone Pine Dental | Bend, OR
Lone Pine Dental offers Dental bonding which is a procedure that conceals the cracks, chips, and stains that are on teeth. It restores the aesthetic structure and function of a tooth.
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